Free Book on Peaceful Retirement Planning in Nigeria

March 10, 2020
Peaceful Retirement Planning Book 

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Best Pre Retirement course Nigeria

January 15, 2020

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Retirement Queen - Bibi Apampa

January 7, 2020

Your Dream Does Not Exist You Have To Create It


Retirement Wealth Coach/Mentor    


The International Coordinator of Retirement Wealth Academy 

  Bibi Apampa (Retirement Queen) will coach you and help you build a peaceful, rich, healthy and achievable Retirement Strategy, Build and Grow Wealth, Become A Serial Entrepreneur and Create Multiple Streams of Income For A Stress Free Retirement

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Get The Nigerian Brides Academy Book Today

December 2, 2019
Get The Nigerian Brides Academy Book Today



15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before saying I do

How Do You Know When You Are In The Right Relationship

Personal Love - Woman Love Thyself  

Personal Accountability

Warm House

Housekeeping, Home Finance, Business, Family Life, Family Planning, Family Altar, Baby and Toddler care,

Submission in marriage, 
Family Traditions, 

Good Relationship with in-laws, Childhood friends and husband's friends 

  Warm Food

 Menu planni...

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Set Aside Time To Connect Daily - Brides Academy

November 16, 2019
Its important for you and your husband to connect daily
Eat at least one meal together daily Talk and pray together, share about your day and just connect

Its important to strengthen your marriage bond by caring, loving talking and sharing daily

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Author Interview - Bibi Apampa Coordinator Nigerian Brides Academy

November 15, 2019

Tell your readers a little about yourself, where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you. 

I’m Bibi Apampa, I was born in Nigeria, grew up, schooled and married in Nigeria.

What inspired you to author this book?

A desire to see more ladies happily married. My husband and l have been involved with counselling and mentoring young adults especially marital counselling for over 10years.  We had discussed the possibility of starting a...

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Nigerian Brides Support Your Spouse

November 15, 2019
We all need someone to love, to care and to share our life
Always encourage and support your spouse

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CoAuthors Nigerian Brides Academy Manual

November 15, 2019
The QueenMakers and GodMothers who gave birth to the Nigerian Brides Academy Manual

Prepare yourself for a happy marriage while waiting for the "Appointed
Time" Get the Nigerian Brides Academy manual at

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Finishing School For Nigerian Brides

November 14, 2019
Prepare yourself for a happy marriage while waiting for the "Appointed
Time" Get the Nigerian Brides Academy manual at


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Nigerian Brides Academy

Finishing School For The Bride Warm House Warm Food Warm Bed. This is a Manual for the Wise Bride on having a happy, empowered, flourishing peaceful and thriving home. Getting It Right The First Time Tying The Knot Only Once

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